This Weeks Featured Items
Maxidry Gloves
Maxidry Ultra Light Weight Nitrile Coating On Super Fine Gauge
CM Herc-Alloy 800 Alloy Master Link with Flats
Alloy Master Link with Flats. Grade: 800, Size: 1-1/2", Working Load Limit Chain: 53,000 lbs
Disposable Liquid-Proof Gloves
Pip Brand Sterile Latex,Size 6.0 Medical Grade, 5 Mil,Pre-Powdered
Dyneema Gloves
Dsm Dyneema/Lycra Gray,13 Gauge Seamless Shell, Gray Polyurethane
TRIDENT SUPPLY LLC- Industrial, Marine, Safety Supply, Mooring and Rigging
 Trident Supply is your one stop shop for all of your rigging & mooring, safety, packaging and warehousing needs. We offer the following items and services:
New Warehouse



  • Fabrication of Synthetic Slings, Wire Rope Slings, Chain Slings, Recertification and Testing
  • Material Handling Products
  • Packaging Supplies and Equipment
  • Industrial Supplies
  • Commercial Equipment and Tools
  • Safety Supplies 

I.    Absorbents


Absorb and contain oil and hazardous material spills with our wide array of products. Trident Supply can provide you with the necessary oil boom and socks, containers, containment berms, floor mats, pillows, rolls, rugs and spill kits to clean your work area


II.   Cargo- Tie down 


Trident Supply offers a wide variety of tie straps, ratchets, cam buckles and other accessories used to secure freight while transporting on flatbed trailers, moving trucks and other types of vehicles moving cargo.  Our straps and ratchets come in many sizes and styles.  We can accommodate almost any type of tie-down application.


III.  Cordage-Rope


Rope is used for various purposes they are made up of both synthetic and natural fibers.Trident Supply can provide your workplace with a variety of ropes and/or needs for cordage. We stock a number of products here in our New Orleans, La. facility and we also have access to products from a number of quality manufacturers. The following is a list of some different products that we offer:

HMPE ropes (Dyneema, Plasma, Kevlar)  &  Combo Ropes (Poly-Dac)


3 Strand 8 Strand 12 Strand
Cotton Solid Braid Double Braid
Manila Nylon Polyester
Arborist Rope Twine Polypropylene
Fishing/Marine Cords Packaged Products
High Strength Utility General Purpose









IV.  Industrial Equipment


Look for Trident to supply all your generator and /or pump needs.  We carry Subaru generators and a wide variety of pumps and their accessories. Different types of pumps that we carry include: Centrifugal, Submersible, Diesel trash pumps, Diaphragm and General trash pumps.  We also carry a line of diverse commercial equipment such as: LED Lighting for the workplace, heavy duty jack stands and mobile pipe carts.


V.    Rigging and Mooring


Whether you are lifting, tying down or fastening, Trident Supply’s extensive experience provides you with the best and safest methods to accomplish your rigging and mooring tasks.   We fabricate and assemble in house to meet your exact specifications through a wide array of wire rope slings, synthetic web slings, chain and endless round slings.  We even supply shackles, ropes, chains, binders, snatch blocks and other material handling items needed to solve all of your rigging and mooring needs.  


 VI.    Safety-Personal Protective Equipment


Trident offers a full spectrum of personal protection equipment (PPE) and supplies that keep your employees safe in any industrial, medical or municipal workplace that can be a hazardous environment.  From MSA, Lakeland, Tingley, to 3M, Crews, and Memphis Glove; Trident Supply offers numerous quality products that meet ANSI standards and OSHA guidelines.


VII.   Safety-Signage


Trident Supply can equip your business with all types of safety communication products needed to inform and alert the public of potential safety hazards.  Convey important information to workers, visitors, and passer-by about safety, instructional guidance or environmental conditions. Stay compliant keep people safe both inside and outside.


VIII.  Tools


Trident Supply will solve your everyday tool needs. We stock a number of tools in our New Orleans warehouse and also have access to many other tools from top quality manufacturers such as Irwin, Stanley and Apex.  The following is a sample of everyday tools that we stock: Handsaws, chisels, utility knives and blades, screwdrivers, marking chalk, clamps, drill bits, taps and dies, saw blades, pliers, wrenches crimpers and vises.


 IX.    Welding


Trident Supply stocks everyday welding equipment from leading manufacturers.  The following is a list of commonly used welding supplies that we stock:

-Gauges and thermostats           &a mp;nbs p; - Hoses            &a mp;nbs p; -Fast Flo balloon inflators


- Regulators           &am p;nbsp ;              &n bsp;      - Torches            -Hose accessories           &a mp;nbs p;        


-Cutting Tools            &a mp;nbs p;            &nbsp ;& nbsp; - Handles            - Cutting tips


-Hand Torches             &n bsp;            &am p;nbsp ; - Tools            &a mp;nbs p;    -Specialty tips            &am p;nbsp ;              &n bsp;


 Feel free to contact our staff at (504) 210-2355 for immediate and courteous assistance.




Featured Items
Parade And Uniform Gloves
Cabaret 100% Cotton, Gray Dress Glove, Open Cuff
Oil-Only Sock/Net Boom
Oil-Only Sock/Net BoomExt. dia. 5" x 10' L
CM Herc-Alloy 800 Alloy Master Link with Flats
Alloy Master Link with Flats. Grade: 800, Size: 3/4", Working Load Limit Chain: 14,200 lbs
Swivel Rigging Hook
Rigging Hooks are similar to eye slip hooks with a larger eye for use with larger couplers and an optional latch.. Brand: CM Rigging, Product Configuration: Standard, Attachment Type: Eye, Finish: Painted, Latch Included: No, Material: Alloy, Working Loa
Bolt and Nut Midland Super Strong Anchor Shackle
CM Carbon Bolt & Nut Midland Super Strong Anchor Shackle. Finish: Galvanized - Material: Carbon - Pin Type: Bolt, Nut and Cotter - Size: 7/8" - Type: Anchor - Working Load Limit: 8-1/2 Ton
4' foot steel cable, fall protection anchor, i-beam cable cross over, 5,000 lb capacity, thimble eyes, with hook and o-ring. Additional lengths are available (6,8,10,12 feet).
Mechanic'S Gloves
Maximum Safety Professional Mechanic'S Glove, Black & Hi-Vis
Nitrile Dipped Gloves
Nitrile Dipped Gloves, Activgrip, Nitrile With Sleeve And Microfinish
Trident Supply LLC - Industrial, Marine, Safety Supply, Mooring and 


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