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Wire Rope Import


    Trident Supply offers a wide variety of wire rope ranging from 1/4" to 3 1/2". Our imported wire rope comes in bright and galvanized finishes. We have several styles including right regular lay, left regular lay, right lang lay, left lang lay, right alternate lay, left alternate lay and rotation resistant wire rope. Our wire rope is available in various constructions.  We have the following construction types and more:  (6X19 Seale IWRC, 6X25 Filler Wire IWRC, 6X26 Warrington Seale IWRC, 6X31 Warrington Seale IWRC, 6X36 Seale Filler Wire IWRC, 6X36 Warrington Seale Fiber Core, 6X41 Seale Filler Wire IWRC, 6X41 Warrington Seale IWRC, 6X46 Seale Filler Wire IWRC, 6X49 Filler Wire Seale IWRC, 7X19 Seale IWRC, 8X19 Seale Fiber Core, 8X19 Seale IWRC, 19X19 Seale, 19X7, 35X19, 35X7.) 


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