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Oil-Only DripPan
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Oil-Only DripPan
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Oil-Only DripPan
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Spill Tech
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A high-capacity, low-profile Oil-Only DripPan is perfect for heavy leak areas and tight spaces.

Use a high-capacity, low-profile DripPan under machines and leaky hydraulic hoses, or just place one under any leak or drip that produces a high volume in a short time. If a mat becomes saturated too quickly, then use a DripPan in its place.

Much Better Than Clay
A DripPan is far more efficient than piling clay on the floor, and a snap to clean up. Just pick it up and dispose of it — no shoveling required! The rip-resistant polypropylene cover even helps keep filler and absorbed liquids inside.

Absorbs Large Quantities of Liquids … Quickly
Ideal for quick, efficient spill response. The large surface area and 3" depth provides the volume you need to handle heavy leaks or drips. Also, its wide "footprint" keeps it stable, so you won't accidentally kick it over.

Color-coding helps you visually identify the right sorbent for your needs. White Oil-Only DripPan is ideal for outdoor use because it soaks up oily drips but actually repels rainwater.

Dimensions - 10.5" L x 10.5" W x 3" H
Sold as - 16 pans per package
Color - White Speckled Filler/Black Tray
Composition - Polypropylene
Recycled Content - 100% Post-Industrial Recycled Polypropylene Filler
Absorbency - Up to 12 gal. per package
Absorbency per - Up to .96 oz. per pan
# per Pallet - 20
Incinerable - No

Oil-Only DripPan10.5" L x 10.5" W x 3" H


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