Working Load Limits From 3/4 Ton to 22 Tons.
Rigging Hook
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Rigging Hook
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Rigging Hook
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Columbus McKinnon
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  • Built in distortion detectors
  • Load rating marked on each hook body
  • Proof load 2 times WLL
  • Design factor 5:1
  • Pre-drilled latch tab allows addition of latch
  • Carbon hooks have a clear protective coating to resist rust and for cleaner handling (use suffix "C" when ordering carbon clear finish, use sufix "G" when ordering hot dip galvanized)

Product Configuration: Standard
Attachment Type: Eye
Finish: Painted
Latch Included: No
Material: Alloy
Working Load Limit: 3 Ton
Columbus Mckinnon products require a minimum of $125.00 combined purchase
Rigging Hooks are similar to eye slip hooks with a larger eye for use with larger couplers and an optional latch..  Brand: CM Rigging, Product Configuration: Standard, Attachment Type: Eye, Finish: Painted, Latch Included: No, Material: Alloy, Working Loa


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