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Specialty Forged Lever Load Binders (EZ Pro)
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Specialty Forged Lever Load Binders (EZ Pro)
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Specialty Forged Lever Load Binders (EZ Pro)
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Columbus McKinnon
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  • DIXI-LOC (48385) binders provide extra security by allow the binder to be locked in closed position using a pad lock, linch pin or bolt.
  • COMPRESSION BINDERS (48758 & 48395) are designed for securing bar and rod steel, lumber, poles and machinery with rubber tires.
  • EZ GRAB (48325) is a military style binder designed to use the handle leverage to remove slack from the chain before hook-up, achieving correct tension on the first try


Product Configuration: Standard
Grade 30 Chain Size: 3/8"
Grade 43 Chain Size: 3/8"
Grade 70 Chain Size: 5/16"
Handle Length: 16-3/8"
Handle Take Up: 4-3/4"
Package Size: 4
Working Load Limit: 5,400 lbs
Columbus Mckinnon products require a minimum of $125.00 combined purchase
CM Specialty Forged Lever Load Binders.  CM Specialty Forged Lever Load Binders


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