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Swage Socket (closed)
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Swage Socket (closed)
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Swage Socket (closed)
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Columbus McKinnon
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  • Forged from fine grain, special bar quality C-1035 steel
  • Spheroidized annealed for cold swaging
  • Recommended for use on 6" x 19" or 6" x 37" IWRC regular lay wore ropes. Can also be used on galvanized bridge rope. NOT FOR USE ON FIBER CORE OR LANG LAY ROPES
  • Sockets have 100% efficiency rating based on catalog strength of wire rope when properly applied


Product Configuration: Standard
Finish: Self Colored
Material: Steel
Size: 5/16"
Working Load Limit: .79 lbs
Columbus Mckinnon products require a minimum of $125.00 combined purchase
CM Wire Rope Swage Socket (closed).  CM Wire Rope Swage Socket (closed)


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